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Divorce and Other Lies

Good parents strive to be honest with their children. They want their children to know that they can trust their parents, no matter what. Yesterday, I was on Relevant Radio’s On Call show, with Wendy Wiese. A grandmother called in. Her … Continue reading

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The Depth of the Lay Vocation

The depth of the lay vocation is like a treasure hidden in a field. It often isn’t obvious, even to the lay person him- or herself. But it’s truly there and truly precious. In comparison with the priesthood, the lay person’s … Continue reading

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The Sacrifice of Isaac

The sacrifice of Isaac (Gen 22:1-19) forces the question: What do I hold most dear? Promised a child at age 75, Abraham waited 25 years more for Isaac’s birth. A few years later, when the Lord commands Abraham to sacrifice the promised son, He … Continue reading

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Keeping the Sabbath

Keeping the Sabbath day holy would seem basic to the Christian faith, since it’s the 4th Commandment.  Yet few Christians – even committed ones – agree in how to carry this out. What was God getting at when He delivered this commandment … Continue reading

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The Crucible of Marriage

One of the many blessings that flow from the Catholic Church’s unswerving stance against divorce – or better, for the permanence of marriage – is that the Catholic theology of marriage has a depth and richness rarely found in Protestant thought, and … Continue reading

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